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Chats and blogs can be used to provide an easy form of communication for students. Instructors can have this space open for students in order for them to ask questions about the course. This feature is more informal and allows for students to share ideas.

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Release conditions in D2L allow you to create a custom learning path through the materials in your course.

Create and attach a Release Condition to your course material.

Deleting a condition from a particular item in the course.

Individual users can set up Email and SMS notifications for all their courses (not course by course).

Many programs such as Adobe Presenter, Articulate 360 and H5P are used to create interactive, dynamic and engaging presentations that you can import into your D2L course. When you export the files through these programs, you use a standard called SCORM. This page shows you how to add a SCORM file to D2L.

Special access can be assigned to students to provide academic accommodations and give them extended time limits for quizzes or other form of submissions based on need.

User friendly, non-developer design templates with a variety of layout styles were developed to create clean-looking content pages. These templates are recommended for non-developers to improve the look and feel of their courses.

These templates are recommended for advance users to improve the look and feel of their courses.

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A replacement string lets instructors customize course content and communications in the D2L Learning Environment by incorporating the intended reader’s personalized information, such as their name, automatically.

The D2L ePortfolio document will walk you through a series of screenshots that will help you to build an ePortfolio in D2L, where you can begin to reflect on your learning journey over time.

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This tool helps instructors manage student signup for topics or projects. The SSM tool assigns students to projects using an algorithm that maximizes the number of students who receive their top choices. This ensures that project selection is fair, and that each student has an equal chance at getting their top choice.

Here are some suggestions provided by Student Accessibility Services on how to modify the settings on your device to improve accessibility.

A Google Drive document can be embedded into Content using the HTML5 Editor. This instruction outlines how to embed a Google Drive document.

The three basic principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) stress the use of multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.