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You can view a live transcription of everyone speaking during a Zoom session. This transcript can be viewed either as adjustable subtitles at the bottom of the zoom window or as a transcript to the side of the window including speaker’s names.

The three basic principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) stress the use of multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.

User friendly, non-developer design templates with a variety of layout styles were developed to create clean-looking content pages. These templates are recommended for non-developers to improve the look and feel of their courses.

Here are some suggestions provided by Student Accessibility Services on how to modify the settings on your device to improve accessibility.

Auto-captioning is added to captures by default majority of the time. If you wish to make changes to the transcript after auto-captioning has been completed, please follow these steps.

The Auto-Transcript feature in Zoom produces an automatic live transcript of everyone speaking in the Zoom session that meeting participants can see either as subtitles or as a live transcript.