Getting started with Zoom

Zoom ( is the campus online platform that enables you to have online real-time sessions with your students or colleagues. You can share your presentations or desktop, collaborate with others, conduct small group activities, poll your students and more, all from virtually any device.

An account is not required if you are simply joining a meeting, but if you would like to create and host an online class/ seminar/ meeting, you will require an account, e.g. if you are a course instructor.

Important first step

Account provisioning

Zoom system requirements

Downloading & Updating the Zoom Desktop Client

Zoom Audio and Video Basics

Accessing Zoom

Accessing Zoom from D2L

Accessing Zoom directly (from outside of D2L)

Scheduling a meeting

Scheduling a meeting (within D2L)

Scheduling a meeting (outside of D2L)

Hosting a meeting

Starting a scheduled meeting

Quick reference guide for instructors

Joining a meeting

Joining a meeting in D2L

Recording a meeting

Recording your zoom meeting

Security and Privacy

Guidelines for Zoom

Zoom security and privacy