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The Classlist / Email tool allows instructors to manage information about students and to communicate with them. Here you have the essential things you need to know about this tool.  Click here to watch an overview of the Classlist tool. (Please note that some tools may not be available in our D2L environment or they may be displayed under a slightly different name.)

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These instructions will help you enroll additional users in your D2L course, e.g. a teaching assistant (TA) or a second instructor.

There are multiple ways to send emails to users (e.g. Instructors, Students, TA’s, etc.) who are enrolled in your D2L course. This guide will show you several preferred methods.

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A group or section membership list and class enrolment list, can be printed using the Export to Excel or CSV feature or be printed as a PDF file.

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The Classlist / Email feature is used by students and instructors to contact students in the class. You can hide the Classlist / Email feature to prevent students from accessing the student email address list without compromising instructor and TA access.