Resources for TAs

To learn general information about the digital tools and platforms used at the University of Calgary, please see Tools.


Click to watch a recording of the D2L Fundamentals for TAs workshop. (This is similar to the D2L Essentials workshop, but content has been slightly modified to address topics that are more relevant to the TA role.)

Getting access to the course D2L site

The course instructor is responsible for adding TAs to the course D2L shell. If you do not have access to the D2L site for the course in which you are TA’ing, please ask the instructor to add you by following these written instructions or by watching this video: How to enroll a TA in your D2L course

Adding Content to D2L Site

You and your instructor may decide to set up a separate module (folder) for labs or tutorials you will teach. You will be able to add your presentation slides and/or files to D2L using the Content tool.

Adding content to your course

Video: Add a module

Communication with students

You can make announcements to students via email or by creating News items in D2L. To learn how to do that, please see the resources below:

Sending email to class

D2L News Tool (Announcements)

Creating quizzes

If you are asked to create a quiz for the course, these resources will help you to do that.

Quizzes and surveys

Setting up a simple quiz

Online quizzes: best practices

Accommodations and special access for students


Your duties might include grading student assignments. Here is how to grade in D2L:

Entering grades

Grading a D2L quiz

Instructors normally set up the gradebook and Dropbox folders for student submissions themselves, but if you are asked to do that, here is the information you may need:

Setting up Gradebook

Setting up Dropbox folder and associate it with a grade item

Grading Dropbox submissions

Providing feedback for Dropbox submissions

Creating and Grading with Rubrics

The instructor may choose to use rubrics to grade student assignments. Here is how to create and grade with rubrics:

How to create D2L rubrics

Using Rubrics in D2L

Running Discussions

The instructor might ask you to set up, run or grade Discussions in D2L. Here is what you need to know:

Setting up discussions

Grading discussions


Zoom can be used to host synchronous online classes, labs/ tutorials and virtual office hours.

Register for a UCalgary licensed Zoom account so you can start creating meetings.

Zoom meetings can be set up within as well as outside of the D2L environment. (Note: In a D2L course, you need to be enrolled as Instructor, TA full-access or TA No-grading in order to be able to schedule meetings.) To join a meeting that has been created by other hosts/ instructors in the course, see instructions here.

In some cases, you may tasked to create and manage breakout rooms, take attendance or record meetings.

Creating breakout rooms

Taking attendance on Zoom

Recording a meeting

To maintain a positive learning environment in a Zoom class, please review the Security and Privacy instructions and guidelines.


YuJa is the university’s video hosting platform and a video creation and management tool. It allows you to create videos and screen captures as well as upload and share your videos. It can be used as a stand-alone tool and also within your D2L course. For instructions on how to use YuJa, please see these instructions: Getting started with YuJa.

Top Hat

Top Hat is a software-based student response system that lets instructors ask questions during class, and can track the responses of students who participate. For more information on Top Hat, please see Resources on Top Hat

Other Useful Resources

Recorded Workshops (D2L, YuJa, Zoom)

Taylor Institute Resources for Teaching Assistants

Taylor Institute Workshop Calendar