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There are two types of online discussions – synchronous and asynchronous. You could set up synchronous discussions via video-conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to have a real–time discussion with your students or answer any questions that they may have. This replicates the classroom experience where a certain meeting time is established.

The discussion board is a virtual conversation space where students and instructors collaborate using short question answer style posts. The discussion board serves as a focal point for conversation in an online course. It is best to create discussion boards during the course setup.

Timely feedback and assessment of discussion board participation throughout the semester ensures that students have the opportunity to fulfill discussion board criteria and assessment requirements.

Theses videos show you how to adjust your grid view settings.

Student participation in online learning can be easily assessed using discussion forum assessment tools. The advantage with using this tool is that all comments in each topic from each student can be easily viewed in a list.

To re-order discussion forums, follow the steps below.

In the event that you accidentally delete discussion posts, those posts can be restored using the following procedure.