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The following questions will help you determine which institutionally supported audio/video recording tool suits your teaching and learning needs.

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The Quizzes tool enables you to create and manage quantifiable assessments.

D2L does not have a specific tool enabling students or groups of students to book appointments with instructors for one-on-one sessions. However, this can be achieved using either optionsbelow.

There are many setting options for quizzes in terms of access, timing and number of attempts. Find the most common ones listed here.

The three basic principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) stress the use of multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.

The digital poster sessions for the conference provide an opportunity for participants to share their work and to talk with other participants who are interested. Posters are shared in the form of short videos and discussion occurs through the conference platform’s video-conferencing tools.

Here are some suggestions provided by Student Accessibility Services on how to modify the settings on your device to improve accessibility.

In order to remotely host or participate in online courses, you will need hardware and software.

Effective assessment requires a culture shift that moves away from focusing on evaluating student performance in isolation to evaluating student learning as part of a comprehensive design to support student learning.

Want to create videos for teaching & learning, but not sure which tool to use? Check out this decision tree.

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