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Zoom does occasionally suffer from a problem which prevents you from logging in or connecting to a meeting. Often these problems are solved quickly, but Microsoft Teams is available as an alternative.

It takes commitment from all participants in a Zoom session — instructors and students — to develop and maintain a positive learning environment.

These tips will help improve your online Zoom class experience, and that of your instructors and classmates.

Use these tips to prevent and/or shut down disruptive behaviours during your Zoom session.

Special access can be assigned to students to provide academic accommodations and give them extended time limits for quizzes or other form of submissions based on need.

Individual users can set up Email and SMS notifications for all their courses (not course by course).

Some instructors may allow you to review your quiz answers. In some cases, the feedback or correct answers will be included. If your instructor has enabled these features, you can review your answers as follows.

Here are some suggestions provided by Student Accessibility Services on how to modify the settings on your device to improve accessibility.