Here are some of the updates to our learning technologies that happened during October that may be relevant to instructors.

Here are some of the updates to our Learning Technologies that happened during September.

Here are some of the changes and updates for learning technology that may be helpful for instructors to know about.

D2L has made some changes to the was assignments work in Brightspace, particularly to how assignments are created and evaluated. Both of these new experiences are intended to streamline how we create and grade assignments by making sure that most of the things we have to do are now all found in the same place, rather than having to click through multiple tabs. 

The text editor in Brightspace/D2L is changing. The new editor modernizes a few things, makes the editor a easier to use and makes sure that the editors in all the areas of D2L work the same way (for students and instructors) and will be turned on August 20.

Here are some of the updates to our learning technologies that happened in July that might be of interest to instructors.

Updates to eLearn and changes in how names and genders are handled in Zoom.

Live Auto-Transcription was recently added to Zoom. This allows participants to see a text transcription of the speaker’s words, either as subtitles at the bottom of the screen, or as a transcript to the side. There are a few things you can do which may help live auto-transcription to produce a clearer transcript for your session.

A summary of changes to University of Calgary learning technologies and tools that happened during May 2021.

February had a small number of updates to our learning technologies, notably the new accommodation tool in D2L Brightspace and Live Auto-Transcriptions in Zoom.

New interface for adding Multi-Select (Multiple choice, multiple answer) questions to quizzes and surveys