Use the Grades tool to centralize assessment and evaluation for your course. These tutorials will guide you through the setup of your gradebook in D2L.

This video tutorials outline how to use Grades tool in D2L: Grades tool for instructors

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This page explains how to set up a gradebook in D2L.

The D2L Dropbox folder is an assignment submission folder where students upload completed assignments such as document, graphic, audio, and video, files.

This tutorial explains how to set up the following types of assessment items: Weighted Assessment Item (percentile) and Letter Grade Assessment Item (requires Letter Grade Scheme)

We recommend creating a gradebook category for any assignment that is comprised of several, related assessment items.

By default, a simple Percentage scheme is visible under Schemes. It is suggested that you set up a letter grade scheme corresponding to what is outlined in your course syllabus.

The following information explains how to enter grades for a single assessment item.

By default, final grades are not visible to students. This document explains how to release final grades to students.

This document outlines how to release final grades from D2L to PeopleSoft. Using the gradebook in D2L is optional.

This guide will show you how to set up student grades in Excel for import to D2L gradebook.

This tutorial provides instructions on how to manually download an Excel file from the D2L gradebook and format it before submitting to PeopleSoft (Faculty Centre) for final approval.