Export and format D2L Gradebook file for final submission in PeopleSoft (Faculty Centre)

This tutorial provides instructions on how to manually download an Excel file from the D2L gradebook and format it before submitting to PeopleSoft (Faculty Centre) for final approval. The steps below are also summarized in this video (Skip to Part 2: Manual Export and Modification of Gradebook file)

1. Ensure that your gradebook is using a Grade Scheme for the Final Grade

PeopleSoft final grades must be entered in Letter format, following relevant grading policies laid out by your faculty or department.  If you plan on exporting Final Calculated Grades or Final Adjusted Grades from your D2L gradebook for use in PeopleSoft, you will need to ensure you are using a Grade Scheme that applies a Letter grade rather than a Percentage.

To confirm you have a Letter grade scheme in place, go to Assessments > Grades > Schemes. Take note of what is listed under Course Schemes. Some faculties have grade schemes built into their courses by default, others do not.

2. Confirm which Final Grade item has the values you need

Confirm which Final Grade item you are using by going to Assessments > Grades > Settings > Calculation Options.

Note which option you have selected under the Final Grade Released section.  It will determine whether you will be exporting grades from the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade column later.

To check if your final grade is in the correct format, go to Assessments > Grades > Enter Grades.  Look under the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade column, depending on the setting identified in Step 2 above.  Another quick way to determine which Final Grade column to use is to look for the item with the “eye” symbols.  Verify that the Final Grades are displayed in the form of a Letter.

Note: If the Final Grade is not displayed as a Letter, edit the column by clicking on the arrow next to the heading, then select the appropriate Grade Scheme.  Click Save and Close.

3. Export your D2L Final Grades in Excel format

Under the Enter Grades tab, click on the Export button.

On the Export Grades page, please ensure these values are selected:

Org Defined ID: This is the name D2L gives to a student’s UCID number. This is the required piece of information used to identify students when uploading grades.

Grade Scheme: Select the Grade Scheme checkbox and uncheck all others.  This will ensure your Excel will contain Letter grades, which is what PeopleSoft requires.

No other user details are required in this section.

Under the heading Choose Grades to Export, select Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade, depending on the setting confirmed in Step 2.  Click Export to Excel.

A pop-up window will appear.  Click Download to save the Excel file on your computer.

4. Prepare the file for PeopleSoft upload – Matching the required format

Open your Excel file.  You will see two populated columns:

  • OrgDefinedId column contains Student UCID Numbers.  Leading zeros in ID numbers may get dropped automatically, which will not be an issue in this case
  • Calculated/ Adjusted Final Grade Scheme Symbol column contains the Final Grades in Letter form

The highlighted cells (A1, B1 and C1) will need to be updated before the file can be uploaded to PeopleSoft.

In cell A1, replace “OrgDefinedId with the 4-letter Subject Area code.

In cell B1, replace “Calculated/ Adjusted Final Grade Scheme Symbol” with the Course Number

In cell C1, type in the Lecture Number. (Leading zero is not required.)

The following is an example of a file in the proper format:


  • If you are teaching a full-year course (i.e. Fall/ Winter; Spring/ Summer), then you will need to add B after the Course Number, e.g. 207B
  • If you are teaching a Seminar, Lab or Tutorial section rather than a Lecture, follow the numbering examples below:
    • Seminar section 1 = S01
    • Lab section 1 = B01
    • Tutorial section 1 = T01

5. Save the file for PeopleSoft upload

In Excel, select File and Save As.  

IMPORTANT:  Shorten the file name to prevent errors when uploading to PeopleSoft.  Do not exceed 30 characters.

Save the file in csv format on your computer.

Your file is now ready to be uploaded to PeopleSoft (Faculty Centre) for final submission