Gradebook setup wizard: recommended settings

In the navigation bar, click Assessments and select Grades from the dropdown menu.

Click Setup Wizard.  Each step in the wizard requires the user to make decisions that affect the content and functionality of assessment and grading. To ensure success in setting up the Gradebook, it is recommended that you make the following setting selections.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Start.

1. When selecting a Grading System, we recommend that you choose Weighted. This option provides the most latitude in grading options. Click Continue.

2. Choose Calculated Final Grade for an absolute arithmetic grade calculation. Choose Adjusted Final Grade to allow for final manual grade adjustments. Click Continue.

3. There are two options for Grade Calculations:

Drop ungraded items

This allows the most latitude in assessment and is the recommended. For example, if a student is exempt from completing an assignment, the ungraded assignment will be excluded from the final grade calculation.

Treat ungraded items as zero

This means that unmarked assignments will automatically be assigned a grade of zero.

Note: When Drop Ungraded Items is selected, ensure that a grade of zero is entered for all assigned work that was not received per expectations.

We recommend that you check the Automatically Keep Final Grade Updated. This provides a running total of the final grade and gives an overview of the student’s current standing with each grade that is entered. Select Continue.

4. Choose your preferred Grading Scheme.  Select Continue.

5. Raw scores are used for all calculations.  The number of decimal places displayed will not affect the final grade calculation.  We recommend that you display at least 2 decimal places. Select Continue.

6. The Student View Display Options allows instructors to determine how much assessment information is provided to students when the grade item is made visible. It is recommended that Points Grade (raw score) is selected. Grade Scheme Symbol, the letter grade associated with the percentage, is optional.  Uncheck Grade Scheme Colour unless you have set it up earlier. 

Do not check Display Final Grade Calculation to users. This allows flexibility in grade adjustments to accommodate late assignment submissions, or remedial work. Select Continue.

7. Finish

8. Click Settings to review or modify preferences at a later date, if necessary.

There are three tabs within the Settings page:

  • Personal Display Options:  instructor D2L display settings
  • Org Unit Display Options:  student view display options, with the exception of “Manage View Display Options, which is an instructor’s view settings
  • Calculation Options:  overall assessment calculations