Copying or creating a grade scheme

By default, a simple Percentage scheme is visible under Schemes.  It is suggested that you set up a letter grade scheme corresponding to what is outlined in your course syllabus. 

Note: Some faculties have may standardized grading scheme prepopulated in this area. 

Copy a Grade Scheme

To copy a previously created scheme from another course in which you are an instructor, please see instructions below or watch this video: “Did You Know? ‘Copying a Grade Scheme in D2L’

1. In the navigation bar, click Assessments.  From the dropdown menu, select Grades.  Click Schemes.

2. Under More Actions, click Copy.

3. Search for the course that contains the letter grade scheme you want to copy.  (For a more effective search, expand the “Show Search Options” section and check off all three boxes:  Scheme Name, OU Code, and OU Name. OU means “course” in this case.) Choose the letter grade schemeGive that scheme a new name and click Copy.  Click on the grey checkbox to set your scheme as the default, if desired. 

Build a Grade Scheme

1. In the navigation bar, click Assessments.  From the dropdown menu, select Grades.  Click Schemes, and then click New Scheme.

2. Name the new scheme.  For a standard letter scheme, modify the range to 12.

3. Fill in the fields for each column (see illustration below) and Save:

  • Symbol Column: Enter the Symbols (starting with F and working your way to A+)
  • Start %: Enter the value that that letter grade range starts at.
  • Colour (optional): Choose a colour to be associated with that letter grade.
  • Assigned Value % (optional): Only if you want to be able to assign letter grades (using the Selectbox grade type and not numeric values) from a drop down list in your gradebook (to be set up later).  This value is what D2L will use to numerically calculate the score for a student’s final average.  If you plan to always create a numeric gradebook item, you can leave this column blank.

Watch a video to learn more about how to Set Up the Gradebook in D2L