Releasing final grades in D2L (optional) and PeopleSoft

Final grades are to be submitted to PeopleSoft and must be approved by the department before they are officially released to students. See details below.

The gradebook in D2L is optional.  Should you decide to release their unofficial final grades in D2L, please see: How to calculate & release final grades

3 steps to get your grades from D2L into PeopleSoft

Step 1: Preparing grades in D2L for export to PeopleSoft (PDF)

Step 2: Using the Grade Export Utility to export your grades in the right format for PeopleSoft (PDF)

Step 3: Import formatted grades into PeopleSoft (PDF)

Manual Export (Optional/ Work-around): If you need to manually export your grades because the Grade Export Utility listed in Step 2 is not displaying your course, or if you are teaching a full-year course, follow these steps to download and format the file before uploading to PeopleSoft: How to manually export your Gradebook

Recommendation: To avoid errors when uploading the file to PeopleSoft, please keep the file name short.

For more information about the Final Grade Submission process in PeopleSoft, click here and refer to the section titled Faculty Centre – Grading