Adding assessment items to Gradebook

Complete the Gradebook Setup Wizard before adding assessment items to Gradebook. This tutorial explains how to set up the following types of assessment items:

  • Weighted Assessment Item (percentile)
  • Letter Grade Assessment Item (requires Letter Grade Scheme)

1. In the navigation bar, click Assessments.  Select Grades from the dropdown menu.  Under the Manage Grades tab, click New, and select Item.

2. Choose Numeric (most popular) to assign a value out of a specified total number of points.  Alternatively, use Selectbox if you have a grade scheme in place and wish to select a letter grade from the dropdown menu.

Assessment Item Properties Tab

  • Name: Name of the assessment item
  • Short Name: Not required, but if you wish, you may enter a shortened title for the assessment item. This will be displayed as the column heading on the Enter Grades page
  • Category: n/a
  • Maximum Points: What this item will be graded out of
  • Weight: What percentage this item is worth in the course
  • Can Exceed: Allows a self-graded item (quiz, etc.) to be calculated over 100%
  • Bonus: This ENTIRE item is a bonus item.  It won’t be counted towards the overal calculations.  If a student scores 100% on this bonus, they will receive a bonus of the Weight you have assigned the Item.
  • Display options (not shown in screenshot): Here you can overide the default view details that have been chosen in  for both student and personal views.

Note: By default, entered grades are immeditely visible to students. To restrict visibiility of grades until after all grades have been entered, click the Restrictions tab and select Hide this grade item.

If you are interested in using Rubrics to assess learning activities in the course, such as Dropbox Folders (Assignments) and Discussion Topics, please see