Export Class Email List

This guide outlines how to contact learners from the Class list and how to export student’s email list from D2L to external email clients such as Outlook and Gmail. This guide can be used for all types of courses and class sizes, including large classes with 150 students or more.  

 D2L offers an easy way to send an email to all of your students: Click Communication > Class list/Email> Select your students> compose an email in D2L. Sometimes, you might want to use an external email server to communicate with your students and there is an easy way to export your class email list. 

Open a video tutorial: Classlist - Contact Learners - Instructor (YouTube)

If you want to use an external email server to email students (i.e., Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail), you can easily export the student email list by exporting student names from the gradebook. In order to use this feature, you will need to have access to Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet software. Here is a step-by-step guide:  

D2L Export:  

1. Navigate to the D2L Course Shell that you want to create an email list for.  

2. Click Assessment > Grades.  

3. Click Export.

4. You can filter the view by Users or Groups under Export Grade Items For and then click on Apply. Select the Key Field(s) you want. Select “Email” under User Details. Ensure the box next to Grade Item is unchecked (you do not want any grade items in this export). 

5. Click “Export to Excel” at the bottom of the page.  

6. When the file is downloaded, you will see a message like this, with your course information. Click “Download.”  

7. Check your downloads folder and open the Excel file (it will be a .xls or .xlsx) by double clicking the file. 

  •  Windows: File > Quick Access > Downloads 
  •  Mac: Finder > Downloads 

8. When you open the file, Excel will open. You will now see a column for the Key field selected  and “Email”.  

9. Select the column of emails, left click, and select Copy. Use your preferred email server to send the email to your contacts.

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