How to print a list of students

A group or section membership list and class enrolment list, can be printed using the Export to Excel or CSV feature or be printed as a PDF file. Follow the instructions in the tutorial.

There two different options to print your class enrolment list,  group list, or section membership list:

Export to Excel/CSV feature

Using the Export Grades option will produce an excel file with your complete class list.

1. Navigate to your gradebook using the course navigation bar through Assessment > Grades > Enter Grades.

2. Click on Export.

3. On the next page, in Export Options, select the pieces of information that will be useful to you, including first/last name, email, Group Membership. De-select the grade items.

 4. Select the button Export to Excel or Export to CSV.

Print as a PDF file

1. Go to Edit Course > Classlist / Email or Communication link group in your course Navbar then click on Classlist / Email.

2. Click on the Print icon at the upper right corner.

3. Now you see your entire class list, scroll down to the bottom and click on Print.

4. Choose “Save as PDF” in “destination”, then click Save.

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