Modifying a Quiz During Availabilty and Regrade

Open a video tutorial: Quizzes - Edit a Question During its Availability - Instructor (YouTube)

1. In the Navigation Bar, click Assessments.  In the dropdown menu, select Quizzes.

2. Click on the small triangle to the left of a specific Quiz, select Grade.

3. Click the Question tab and select Update All Attempts

4. Scroll to the bottom of them page to the Questions that are not in the quiz anymore section. Click on the question you’d like to regrade

5. Select the Give to attempts with answer ** points option.  Ensure that you modify both the incorrect and correct answer option.  Assign 0 point for the incorrect answer. Click Save.  Assign 1 point for the correct answer. Repeat until you have assigned a value for each answer you have for the question.

For example, to modify a true/false question type where True was previously set as the correct answer, do the following:

  • Give to attempts with answer False 1 points > Save
  • Give to attempts with answer True 0 points > Save

6. When asked to confirm changes, click Yes.

7. To modify additional questions, click Go Back to Questions.  Click Close to exit and return to the Manage Quizzes Page.