Viewing a quiz as a student (using preview option)

Using the Role Switch widget will not allow you to take the test as a student does. Instead, we will utilize the Preview option.  It allows you to test the accuracy of content and grading before you release a quiz. In Preview, you can answer the questions, view allowed hints, submit the quiz, auto-grade answers, read feedback, and view report results.

Open a video tutorial: Quizzes - Preview a Quiz as a Learner - Instructor (YouTube)

1. Navigate to your quiz via Assessments, then Quizzes.

2. Beside the name of your quiz, click on the downward pointing triangle to access the Preview option.

3. Clear the Bypass Restrictions checkbox if you want to view the quiz with user restrictions turned on.

4. Click Start Quiz! Move through the quiz, with the exact view that students experience when taking this quiz.

5. Click Go to Submit Quiz.

6. If you wish to see how your quiz attempt is graded, check the box next to Allow this preview attempt to be graded in the Grade Quiz area.  Click Submit Quiz.

7. To return to Manage Quizzes page, click Exit Preview.