Accommodations in D2L

Previously, if students in a course require accommodations for their quizzes, the instructor would need to set up special access for each student for each quiz. This process could be time-consuming, especially for large classes and courses that utilize the Quizzes tool a lot.

This new feature enables instructors to grant students accommodations through the Classlist tool. Accommodation options currently available include: more time to complete quizzes at the course level and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. Once permissions are granted, these accommodations will apply to all quiz activities in a course for that student.

Note: Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any user on a quiz-by-quiz basis. When you overwrite an accommodation and then click Save, a warning describing the impact of overwriting an accommodation appears. Further accommodation options and enhancements are planned for this year (2021.)

To set up accommodations for a student, navigate to the Classlist/ Email page, which is usually found under the Communication tab on the course navbar. Locate the student you wish to grant accommodation. Click on the drop-down arrow by their name and select Edit Accommodations.

This brings up the following dialog:

In this window, you may choose to Modify the Time Limit for every quiz the student writes in the course. You can additionally allow them to right click during quizzes, which may be necessary if the student is using assistive technology.

There are two Timing options.  To enable, check the Modify Time Limit box, then choose one of the following:

  1. Select Multiplier of the original quiz time and enter a number in the times box.  This value will be your multiplier.
    • For example, if you choose a multiplier of 1.5, that means the student will have time and a half  to complete the quiz.   If the original time limit for the quiz was set as 60 minutes, then the student would have 90 minutes to complete it. 
    • If you choose a multiplier of 2, then the student would have double  the time to write the quiz.  In other words, the student would have 2 hours to write a quiz that was originally set to be 1 hour long.

  2. Select Extra Time if you wish to assign a fixed number of minutes.  Enter the number of extra minutes you would like to grant the student for every quiz.
    • For example, if you enter a value of 30 (minutes), then a student would have 90 minutes to write a quiz that was originally set as 1 hour long.

Once you have set accommodation for the student, click Save. They will now automatically be applied for all quizzes in the course. If you need to override these settings for a particular quiz, you may set Special Access for that quiz.

NOTE: When you reload the Classlist/ Email page after setting up accommodations, you will see a visual indicator by the student’s name.

You may also visit the specific Quiz’s Restrictions section and click the Add Users to Special Access button to see details.

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