Using Rubrics in D2L

Rubrics are a grading and feedback tool that specifies the assessment criteria and level of achievement of an assessment. For online courses, rubrics can reduce grading and feedback time and ensure shared expectations.

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Where can you use a Rubric in D2L?

You can attach a rubric to any of the following course tools or activities:

  • Discussion topics (Individual and Group)
  • Dropbox Folders/ Assignments (Individual and Group)
  • Grade items
  • Surveys

In order for a rubric to be associated or attached to a D2L assessment item, the rubric must be built using D2L rubric tools. 

To access to the Rubrics tool, go to the navigation bar, click on Assessment and then select Rubrics

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Rubrics item under Assessment dropdown

Displaying graded Rubric feedback in Gradebook

Students can see the rubric associated with an activity from Gradebook. For example, if a rubric is attached to a discussion, and you evaluate the rubric in Discussions, the results of the rubric are visible to the student from the associated grade.

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