D2L Quiz Submission View: Customizing Quiz Results Display & Providing Feedback to Students

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1. On the course Navigation Bar, click Assessments > Quizzes.

2.   Expand the dropdown menu (small triangle) to the right of the quiz title, select Edit or just click on the name of the quiz.

3. At the bottom right, expand the tab Evaluation & Feedback.

Under When published, display to learners, select the view setting to be changed:

You may choose if you want the Attempt grade [1] and questions and answers [2] to be displayed to students. By default, the Attempts grade and No questions are selected, so students will only see the overall quiz score they achieved on the quiz submission confirmation page. 

For more quiz display options, select Customize Quiz Results Displays and choose Edit View. You may also select +Additional View to enable additional feedback to be released by date. When you have finished updating the settings, ensure you click Update/ Create first, then OK, otherwise the changes do not get saved. Read more about how to Customize the Quiz Submission View.

Note: If you decide to set an additional view, please remember to click Create and then OK for your view to be saved correctly (see below).

Steps for Students to Access Quiz Question Feedback

1. Login to D2L.  In the Navigation Bar, click Assessments > Quizzes

2. Expand the dropdown menu (small triangle) to the right of the quiz title, select Submissions

3. Click on Attempt 1.

4. Click on View Feedback.