Providing quiz feedback to students

Open a video tutorial: Customize Submission Views - Instructor (YouTube)

Question Feedback Quiz Settings

1. Login to D2L. Navigate to your course. In the Navigation Bar, click Assessments > Quizzes.

2.   Expand the dropdown menu (small triangle) to the right of the quiz title, select Submissions.

3. In the Quiz Tab options, click on Submission Views.

Select the view setting to be changed:

Select Default View  to change the information that is displayed on the confirmation page that appears when a student submits a quiz attempt. (In most cases, the Attempt Score is shown by default.)

Select Add Additional View to enable additional feedback to be released by date.

Note: To ensure that quiz questions and answers are not available past the time the quiz is available, you can create a second Additional View within the Submission Views tab and name it “Shut down view.” Select No in the “View Details” section and select the date/time the first additional view should close to students. This second additional view will “shut down” the first additional view as only the most recent submission view is the active one.

4. Click on Default View

By default, only the overall quiz score achieved by a student is displayed on the quiz submission confirmation page.  An instructor can choose to adjust the default submission view to include other elements like feedback, questions that the student answered incorrectly, questions the student answered correctly and/or the correct answers.  It is also possible to add additional views that are available after a specific date.

5. Make the following changes (show question answers is optional):

Steps for Students to Access Quiz Question Feedback

1. Login to D2L.  In the Navigation Bar, click Assessments > Quizzes

2. Expand the dropdown menu (small triangle) to the right of the quiz title, select Submissions

3. Click on Attempt 1.

4. Click on View Feedback.