Quiz has been submitted but grades are not appearing in Gradebook

If your quiz is associated with a Grade Item, students have completed the quiz, and

  • you are unable to view grades under Assessments > Enter Grades, or
  • students report that they are unable to view grades,

please verify that quiz settings are correct.

1. In the navigation bar click Assessment, and select Quizzes.

2. Locate the quiz in the quizzes list, click on the small triangle to open the dropdown menu, and select Edit.

3. Click the Assessment Tab, and ensure that “Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion”, and “Automatically update evaluations in grade book when published” are selected.

4. Click Save and Close.

5. Locate the same quiz and select Grade.

6. To publish the grades, select all students’ names by using the checkbox at the top left. Click on “Publish Feedback” and confirm. If you have more than 200 students, click Save, and complete the process for each page.  Grades will now be visible in the Gradebook and when students return to the quiz attempt page.