Conference on Post-Secondary on Learning and Teaching – Mixed-Media Video

Mixed media videos provide an opportunity to visually communicate and share practices, research findings or early-stage research projects relevant to the conference theme. Presenters are encouraged to choose the style, format and approach that best suits their topic. Mixed-media presentations will be 10 minutes maximum and submitted as a video (mp4) files.

Mixed Media Video

Your mixed-media video should be no more than 10 minutes in length.

The video should provide an authentic look at your work and should be geared towards exciting other participants about your work. The exact form your video should take is up to you, based on your discipline and the work you are doing, but we offer the following generic structure as a starting point.

  • Introduction
    • Introduce your team and your background. Keep in mind the conference has a wide audience and take the time to spell out things that people may take for granted (like the names of departments, institutions, etc.)
  • Context
    • Provide a brief overview of where your team is starting from as you approach the work you want to discuss in your poster. Again, keep the wide conference audience in mind and unpack things like course name, locations, and organization.
  • The Problem / The Question
    • Highlight the problem or question your team is addressing, including why, based on the context, it was important enough for you to dedicate your time to.
  • The Approach
    • This will vary with different areas and different stages of work, but highlight what you did or proposing to do, what resources you have or had for doing it and what things you feel like you might still need or wish you had.
  • The Results / What do you want to know?
    • Again, this will vary with the stage of work, but talk about what you’ve seen, or ask about what you still need to know. Take advantage of the wide range of expertise present at the conference and kick off your discussion with notes about what you still want to know.

As an example, please review the video Indigenous students’ Involvement in a photovoice study: Opportunities for mentorship, which was a digital poster at a previous conference:

We suggest using the tools you are most comfortable with when you record your poster video. We generally suggest sharing a slide show and narrating it, and we recommend either recording your video directly from Power Point, Zoom or Yuja.

Uploading Digital Video Posters directly to the Conference Event Platform

Once you have received your exhibitor login information, you will be able to upload your poster video.

This can be done from the “Content” Tab, using the green “Add Content” Button.

You will then have the option to add several types of content including links and documents, but the third option is to “Upload Video”.

On the Upload Video Page you can click “Upload File” and a dialog will open for you to find the video you would like to upload.

The platform will then ask you to provide a title for your video. Please enter your session title. You can then upload a picture as a Thumbnail, which we suggest being the title page of your slides if you used slides in preparing your video. (You can export a slide as a .png file from Power Point). Finally flip the toggle on “Featured Video” so that it is green. This ensures your video will be shown to conference participants.

You can then confirm your video information, duration and including file size and click the “Upload” button in the bottom right to upload your poster video.

The platform will then upload your file. This may take some time depending on the size of your file, but it will show you a progress indicator.

Once uploaded, you will go back to the exhibitor content tab. If you need to add more content such as a supporting document, a link or another video, you can use the green “Add content”. If you need to change the title or the thumbnail of the poster video, you can edit the settings under the “Options” menu to the right.