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Direct Links enable you to share media with anyone, including individuals outside of the university without UCalgary accounts.

If you are an instructor, you may share videos with students enrolled in your course by using the Insert Stuff function, which is available in multiple areas, including Content and Discussions.

Yuja videos are automatically uploaded on the cloud. You may wish to download the video for offline viewing and editing. If you would like to download the video to your computer, follow the instructions below.

You can upload videos and documents on Yuja, set security restrictions before uploading on D2L.

Want to create videos for teaching & learning, but not sure which tool to use? Check out this decision tree.

The browser-based Video Editor provides the ability to edit video and captions with ease.

Auto-captioning is added to captures by default majority of the time. If you wish to make changes to the transcript after auto-captioning has been completed, please follow these steps.

There are several ways to host webinars and large meetings using platforms provided by the University of Calgary.