Associating your quiz with a grade item

D2L can automatically grade quizzes for you and send scores to the gradebook. By default, a quiz is not associated with the gradebook. You should create an association so scores will transfer from a quiz to a Grade Item. We recommend using the grades tool to create your gradebook first, before creating your quizzes.

Watch how to associate a grade item with a quiz
  1. From the Edit Quiz screen select the Assessment tab.

  1. To allow D2L to automatically calculate each student’s quiz grade for you, select Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion.

Note: Select this option only when your quiz contains questions that can be autograded. D2L will give students a zero for ungraded questions, making their quiz scores appear lower than they actually are.

  1. To be able to send grades to the gradebook, click on the word none to bring up a list of grade items from your gradebook; select the Grade Item associated with this quiz.
  1. To allow graded quizzes to transfer to the gradebook automatically, select Allow automatic export to grades.

Note: You can select this option even if you do not want D2L to automatically calculate quiz grades for you (step 2). In which case, the grade will transfer once you manually grade the quiz.

  1. Click the Save button to remain in this tab (or Save and Close to save your changes and exit the quiz).