Randomizing Quiz Questions

Give each learner a random set of quiz questions. By doing so it can help reduce instances of cheating. D2L offers different ways to randomize questions:

  • Add a Question Pool: Add a subset of questions from a larger question pool resulting in a different version of the quiz for each student. The greater the difference between the number of questions in the question pool and the number of questions on the quiz, the greater the chance that each student will get different questions.
  • Shuffle Questions: Any quiz can have quiz questions shuffled, even if there is no question pool. When questions are shuffled, every student gets the same set of questions, but the order of the questions presented will be different for each student.  Quiz answer choices in MC and M-S questions can also be shuffled to add additional variety to a quiz.
Watch how to create a randomized set of quiz questions

Question Pool

To create a question pool, click Create New under Questions and select Question Pool.

In the window that will open, take the following steps:

  1. Enter a Question Pool Title.
  2. Enter the Number of Questions to Select from the pool for the quiz.
  3. Enter Points per Question.
  4. Scroll down and select Browse Question Library.
  5. Select from the existing questions in the Question Library. It is recommended that you organize your Question Library to include a section for each quiz. This makes it easier to locate the correct questions during the question pool creation process.
  6. Select Import. The selected questions will be added to the pool.
  7. When questions are imported into a question pool, a dynamic preview is automatically generated on the right side of the screen. The preview allows instructors to quickly get an idea of how the question pool appear to learners when taking the quiz.
  8. Next, click Save.

Shuffle Questions

  1. Select Timing & Display on the right side of the screen.

2. When you click on it, this tab will be expanded to show options within it. Check the box next to Shuffle questions and sections within the quiz.

3. Select Save and Close.

Note: Shuffling questions at the quiz level does not shuffle the questions in a section. To shuffle questions within a section, choose “Shuffle questions in this section” when the section is created.