Building a Question Library

The Question Library is a central repository that stores and archives questions which you can reuse within a course. You can create multiple collections within the Question Library to organize your questions by type and topic, making it easier for you to find questions for your quizzes, surveys, and self assessments.

As a best practice for storage, organization, and easy access, we recommend that you create all your questions using the Question Library.

Watch an overview of the Question Library

Add sections to the Question Library

As a best practice, it is recommended to create a section in the Question Library, then add quiz questions to this section. This will make it easier to select the questions to add to a quiz, especially if the questions will be randomized.

  1. Go to the Quizzes area. 
  2. The Manage Quizzes page will open. Select Question Library.
  3. Select New.
  4. Select Section
  5. The New Section page will open. Enter a name for the section in the Section Name field.
  6. Select Save
  7. The Question Library page will appear again, and the new section will appear in its list of items.

Add Questions to the Question Library

  1. Select the section to which to add questions.
  2. Select New.
  3. Use the dropdown menu to select the question type to add.
  4. Follow introductions in Creating Quiz Questions.
  5. When finished creating the question choose from the following options:
    • Select Save to return to the main Question Library page.
    • Select Save and Copy to save the question and create a new question of the same type that retains the current properties.
    • Select Save and New to save the question and to continue creating questions of the same type.

Import questions to the Question Library

Questions from existing quizzes
  1. Go to the Quizzes area.
  2. Select Question Library.
  3. Select New.
  4. Select Section from the dropdown menu.
  5. A new folder will be created. Enter a title for the folder.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select the new section that was created.
  8. Select Import.
  9. Select Browse Existing Questions from the dropdown menu.
  10. A popup will open. Select Source.
  11. Choose the quiz to be imported.
  12. Choose the questions to be added.
  13. Select Add.
  14. When finished, select Done Editing Questions.
Questions from a file (csv)
  1. In Question Library, click Import.
  2. From the Import button, select Upload a File.
  3. From the Upload a File Window, select the source where existing questions reside by clicking Browse and selecting the file or dragging and dropping the selected file into the Upload a File Window.
  4. Once the file finishes importing, view the uploaded questions in the Upload a File window.
  5. To import all the questions from the upload, click Import All. To import select questions from the file upload, select the questions you want to upload and click Import.
Questions from an existing collection
  1. In Question Library, click Import.
  2. From the Import button, select Browse Existing Questions.
  3. From the Source Collection drop-down list, select the source where existing questions reside.
  4. From the Source Section drop-down list, select Collection Root or a specific section where existing questions reside.
  5. Select the questions you want to import, then click Save.

Transferring a Question Library to a new Course

  1. Select Edit Course in the top navigation bar, and select Import/Export/Copy Components.
  1. Select the Copy Components option,
  2. Click on Search for offering to find the course from which you would like to copy the questions.
  1. Click on Select Components at the bottom of the window in order to access to all the items in the course. Select Question library.
  1. The copy will process and the questions will appear in the Question Library.
Watch how to add questions from other courses

Uploading a Publisher Test/Question Bank into your course

Log into D2L, select the course, then Edit Course, and select Import/Export/Copy Components.

  1. Select the Import Components option, click Start and browse for your ZIP file (IMS QTI compliant course package).
  1. Go through process and select Next after each step. You will be prompted to specify what you want to import (Question Library).
  1. The import will process and the bank will now appear in the Question Library.