Group set-up wizard

Setting up D2L groups, with associated dropbox folders and discussion topics, is a process that takes a few minutes and which requires completing several sequential steps. Please set aside a few minutes to complete the entire process.  Do not switch between various D2L pages while completing the Group Set-up Wizard.

Before creating D2L groups, please ensure that you have completed the Gradebook Setup Wizard.

Create one gradebook assessment item for each project.  For example, if students will complete a Group Project Proposal, and a Group Final Written Submission, create two assessment items in Gradebook.  Please review the Add Category to Gradebook tutorial for group projects with more than one related assessment item.

Creating groups

With the Gradebook category and/or assessment item(s) in place, we can now set up groups with associated dropbox folders and discussion forums.

1. In the navigation bar, click Communication.  From the dropdown menu, select Groups.

2. Select New Category

Name the category (name of the group project).  Add a simple description, if desired, eg include a note encouraging students to check corresponding discussion topics.

3. Scroll down to continue filling out the fields. Choose the Enrollment Type (Group enrollment types):

  • # of Groups – manually enroll students in groups
  • Groups of #
  • # of Groups
  • Groups of # – self enrolment
  • # of Groups – self enrolment
  • # of Groups of # – self enrolment

Prefix appears in the name of each group.  For example, if the Group Prefix is “Group”, the groups will be labelled: Group 1, Group 2.  Depending on the enrollment type, different options will be visible.  See examples of auto-enroll versus self-enrollment below:

Note:  if # of Groups – No Auto-Enrolment has been selected, see tutorial: Manually Enroll Students in Groups.

4. Under Additional Options, select “Set up Discussion Areas”, and “Set up Dropbox Folder”.

Creating individual group forums

5. You are automatically taken to the Create Restricted Discussion Areas page.  This is where you will create private discussion forums for each group.  Click on New Forum to set up forums for groups.

A new dialogue box opens.  Name the forum (name of the group project), and provide a brief description of topics for discussion. Save.

6. Click Create and Next to complete the process of setting up private forums for each group

Creating group Dropbox folders

7. You are automatically taken to the Create Dropbox Folders page.  A separate dropbox folder must be created for each assessment item.  For example, if each group submits a project proposal, and a final written submission, you will need to create to dropbox folders.

8. Name the dropbox folder.  Select the corresponding assessment item from the Grade Item dropdown menu.  Ensure that the Out of field value matches the points assigned to the assessment item in gradebook.

NOTE: do not click on another D2L page (such as grades) while completing the Group Setup Wizard.  If you are unsure of the assessment item points, enter an estimate and edit the dropbox folder Out of value after completing the Group Setup Wizard.

The Out of field value matches the points assigned to the assessment item in gradebook:

9. Add brief Instructions (optional).  Click Add a file to include full assignment details.  Scroll down to complete the Dropbox folder setup.

NOTE:  If there is more than 1 group based assessment item, create a separate dropbox folder for each assessment item.  Click Add Another to create a second dropbox folder for the group.

10. Click Create to complete the group setup.  You will see a workspace summary associated with the group setup.  Click Done.  Click Save.

11. To complete the setup of Groups, Groups Discussion Forums, and Group Dropbox, click Done.  You will be taken to the Manage Groups page, where you can modify your selections.

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