Frequently Asked Questions (Zoom)

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online videoconferencing application that allows classes and groups to hold online real-time sessions with students or colleagues. You can share your presentations or desktop, collaborate with others, conduct small group activities, poll your students and more all from virtually any device.

How does an instructor access Zoom?

If you are teaching a D2L course, the recommended workflow is to create the meeting in the D2L site so students can access it easily.  If you wish to set up a private meeting and invite participants from different classes and/ or guest speakers, then you may access Zoom outside of D2L.  You will be required to share the meeting link with your participants.

What does facilitating a Zoom meeting look like?

quick recorded demonstration video shows the various tools and how you can use them during your online class session.

How do students access Zoom?

Students can join any Zoom meetings set up by instructors in their course’s Zoom page. Students can also access Zoom outside of D2L, at and can use it to set up Zoom meetings for their own group activities.

I get an error message when accessing Zoom!

A small percentage of instructors may see an error message the first time they access Zoom via D2L. If you see an error message, please try accessing Zoom directly at first.  Click the “Sign In” button and log in with your UCalgary IT credentials. If you continue to see an error message, please refer this article or contact UService (IT).

“Sorry, your session was expired” error appearing in Safari or Firefox when accessing Zoom meeting from D2L.

My audio and video camera don’t work!

Zoom Audio and Video Basics

Zoom has a troubleshooting guide to help get your video camera working within Zoom. Also, be sure your video camera hardware is working.

On a Mac, go to the Apple Menu > About this Mac > System Report… > Hardware > Camera to see if your computer has a video camera connected.

If you have installed additional security software, check to make sure the “disable camera” feature is off while using Zoom. Also, you may want to remove that piece of tape from the camera on your laptop.

There is an integration service disruption and I cannot access the Zoom page in D2L.

Instructor: Watch this video for workaround.
Student: Contact your instructor and ask for the Meeting ID and Passcode.

What is the difference between Zoom meeting and webinar and how do I get a webinar or large meeting license?

By default, when you sign up for a UCalgary licensed Zoom account, it will allow you to host a meeting with up to 300 participants. If you wish to accommodate more attendees, please submit a request for large meeting or webinar add-on to ComMedia (IT) using this form.

More about “Meetings versus Webinars

I heard my old Zoom recordings will be deleted. What can I do?

As of Aug. 1, 2022, IT Services will start the process of deleting old Zoom video recordings. Learn more about the change and your options.