Information regarding Deletion of Old Zoom Recordings

As of Aug. 1, 2022, IT Services will start the process of deleting old Zoom video recordings. The videos will be moved to your trash for 30 days, during which time Zoom will send you email reminders explaining how to delete or download this content before it is permanently deleted. Deleting older Zoom content will allow the UCalgary community to continue to record and store new videos while reducing the costs of storing old videos.

IT Services will complete two rounds of Zoom recording deletions:

  • Aug. 1, 2022, videos that are two years old or older (Zoom Cloud recordings from July 31, 2020, or earlier)
  • Jan. 1, 2023, videos that are 18 months old or older (Zoom Cloud recordings from June 30, 2021, or earlier)

Moving forward, Cloud recordings will be deleted automaticlly after they have been stored for 548 days (18 months.)

As a UCalgary community member, you may have meetings, webinars, events, and/or course content saved within your Zoom profile. IT encourages you to go through your UCalgary Zoom account and delete what you don’t need, migrate what you want to keep handy and download what you want to store. It is up to individuals whether videos are downloaded or migrated as IT will not be migrating any content, only deleting files as per the above schedule. IT recommends migrating what content you would like to keep to the online video platform YuJa.

Please visit to learn about the migration process. Click here for more information about Zoom deletions, or search “zoom deletions” under News on ServiceNow. If you require additional support, please contact UService at 403.210.9300, by email at or via live chat on ServiceNow