How to Hide Information and Blur Faces on YuJa

For security and privacy reasons, you may need to hide names and other sensitive information or blur out faces prior to sharing your video. You may accomplish that by using the Edit feature in YuJa.

1. On your YuJa homepage, hover over the video you wish to make changes to and click on Edit.

2. On the Video Editor window, click on Image Tools on the editing toolbar.

3. Next choose Insert Blur/Blackout Region.

4. On the opened window, insert the Duration (seconds) to blur out or click on Blackout Entire Video to black out everything (not advisable).

5. This will open up a dark square on your video. Move the square to the part of the video you want to blur out. You can also enlarge or reduce the size of the square and also delete the square (button on the top left corner of the dark square.

Tags: blur | video | yuja