How to Create a Quiz in Yuja

YuJa Quizzes offer a way to assess learning, encourage interaction and to measure understanding of the video content.  This tutorial is designed to help you create a quiz within a video you have already created or uploaded to Yuja, share the quiz, then access student grades. At this time, we recommend using this feature to build informal, self-directed study modules and not as a tool to formally grade student performance. For high-stakes tests, please consider using the Quizzes tool in D2L (Brightspace) instead. 

Review these tutorials if you need a reminder on how to upload/ create your video in YuJa. Once you are ready to create the quiz, follow the steps on this page: Overview of Video Platform Video Quizzes

Sharing a Yuja Quiz in D2L

After you have finished building your quiz, you may Preview it, then Save it as a draft. This will allow you to embed the quiz directly in your D2L course.

To deploy the quiz in D2L, select to the appropriate Content Module within your course. Click Add Existing Activities and scroll down to select YuJa Quicklink 1.3

Switch to the Quizzes tab and select the video quiz you wish to embed. Click Insert Content.

Note: If you wish to set specific Open/ Close dates for the video quiz, click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of the thumbnail to open Publish Options. Update accordingly before clicking on Insert Content.

When a YuJa video quiz is embedded in D2L via this method, an associated grade item will be created automatically in the course gradebook (Assessments > Grades). By default, the quiz is marked out of 100 in D2L, but the weighting of the grade item can adjusted after, if needed. If you wish to use the quiz only as a study tool/ practice exercise and not have it counted towards the final grade calculation, simply set the Weight of the item to 0%

As students watch the video, they may select/ enter their answer for each question that is presented, then click Save to continue the video.  When they have completed all the questions and finished watching the video, they may click on Submit.

Students who have successfully submitted their attempts will see a confirmation screen like the one below:

If your video quiz has questions that can all be auto-graded, the results will be synced automatically to the course’s gradebook (Assessments > Grades

If your questions require manual grading or if you wish to get more information about the students’ attempts, please open the YuJa Video Platform Grade Book

Note: In YuJa, your D2L courses will be listed under the Group drop-down menu

Sometimes, if Instructors are not seeing student grades sync automatically to their LMS (D2L) Gradebook, they may sync the Video Quiz grades manually from the YuJa Gradebook to the LMS Gradebook. See On-Demand LMS Gradebook Sync

Using YuJa Quiz for Anonymous Quizzing

If you prefer to use your YuJa video for anonymous quizzing (eg as a study tool for learners), you may share the direct link to it.  However, in order to get that information, you will need to select a Group (D2L course) to Post the quiz to first, even if you do not plan on embedding the quiz in your course.

Once you have Posted the quiz, return to the Media Library.  Locate the video associated with the quiz and click More on the thumbnail.

Browse to the Quizzes section, click on the arrow to expand the page.  Copy the Direct Link and share it with your learners or guests.

To access results (without identifying information), please use the YuJa Video Platform Grade Book.  From the Group drop-down, select Unauthenticated Users: