How to Create a Quiz on Yuja

This tutorial is designed to help you create a quiz within a video you have already created or uploaded to Yuja, publish the video, share the Yuja video and quiz on D2L, then access students’ grades. 

Please see the tutorials on eLearn Yuja – Creating a video for more information. 

Using Video Quizzes with YuJa (YouTube)

Creating Quizzes

1. Hover over the video you want to add a quiz to and click on More .

2. On the opened window, click on Quizzes –> Create Quiz  

3. Enter a quiz name .

4. Play the video, then click the Add Question button to add a question at the required spot.

Question Types  

There are different types of questions available:  

  • Multiple Choice: Let user pick one correct answer out of all the available answers. 
  • Select Multiple: Let user pick multiple correct answers out of the available ones. 
  • Short Answer: Let user type in a short paragraph answer. 
  • True of False: Let user pick true or false in response to a statement question. 
  • Reflective Pause: Provides time for thought or reflection. 

5. Multiple Choice

The prompt window shows the following: 

  • Time: where you paused your video 
  • Points: set up how many points you want to give for the question 
  • Question:  edit your question, enter formulas and also preview as a student. 
  • Hint: can be left blank if no hints are desired  
  • Answers: can be added and formatted. Click on the circle on the left side to choose the correct answer.  
  • Click on Save to save to add the question to the video or click on Delete to remove the question  

6. With all questions added, click on Preview to play the video and take the quiz as a student. The video will automatically pause for you to answer the questions.  

Here is how your quiz will look like if you are taking it as a student. To exit preview just click on Exit Preview in the top of the right corner.  

7. Click on Settings, to select whether you want to Provide Answer Right Away or click on Disable Forwarding to prevent students from skipping through the quiz questions. Also choose your preferred Gradebook options in the settings window. 

Sharing a Yuja Quiz 

  1. Post Quiz to have students take the quiz on Yuja. 

When you click on Post, the window “Post Quiz” will prompt.  

You can set up a date when would like to Open and Close the Quiz or click on No Close Date if you want students to always have access to the quiz.  

If you are teaching multiple courses, you have the option to Select Group to Post Quiz.  

Click on Post button and the quiz will be successfully posted.  

2. Share the link to the quiz or embed the quiz on D2L (for anonymous quizzing) 

To find a Direct Link or Embed Code, (repeat steps F1 and F2).  

Click on More > Quizzes, click on the drop-down arrow which shows the Direct Link/Embed Code that can be copied and pasted on your D2L course content. 

3. Share the Quiz on D2L. 

Within a module, click on New and then click Create a File.

Enter a name for the Topic. Click on the Insert Stuff icon. Scroll down the page until you see YuJa Media Chooser. 

Switch to the Quizzes tab and select the quiz video to upload.

When the video is posted, students can watch the video and click on the correct answer and then click on Save to continue the video. When finished, they click on Submit and the quiz will be completed and sent to your Yuja account. 

Assessing Students Grades  

This feature can be used to see the answers of students and how students did on the quiz 

  1. Navigate to Yuja on your D2L and click on Main Menu and click on Usage & Analytics. 

2. On the left-hand pane, click on Gradebook.

3. Select the course in the group and select the quiz then click on Get Report. 

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