Set Download Restrictions on Yuja File

PDF version of this tutorial can be found here.

YuJa app can be used to provide security for your resources. You can upload videos and documents on Yuja, set security restrictions before uploading on D2L. YuJa security restrictions can prevent students from downloading your pre-recorded lectures or any course document before uploading it on D2L. Students will only be able to view files on D2L. Kindly find below instructions on how to do this.

1. Upload File(s) on Yuja

Navigate to Tools on your D2L course home page and click on Yuja.

If you do not find YuJa on your course home page, follow the instructions here to add YuJa to your course home page Adding YuJa to D2L Nav Bar.

In the Yuja home page, click on upload.

Select the desired file type and Browse to choose one or more files. Click Start Upload to begin uploading your file on Yuja.

2. Set Download Restrictions

Hover around the uploaded Yuja file and click on More.

Click on Downloads on the open window. By default, Allow viewers to download option is set to disable. Click on Save Downloads.

3. Upload file to D2L and test download restrictions.

YuJa files can be shared using the insert stuff option on D2L. Within the Module, click on New, then select Create a File.

Enter a name for the Topic. Click on the Insert Stuff icon. Scroll down the page until you see YuJa Media Chooser.

Scroll down the window to the Media tab and select the file you want to upload. Click on Next, click on Insert and click on Save and Close.

4. To test that the restriction is set, click on Download. A HTML file will be downloaded with no content.