Logging in to YuJa

You can access Yuja as a stand-alone tool or through your D2L course. Not sure which way to go? Check out this decision tree.

Option 1: Log in directly through the YuJa website (Accessible to instructors and students with a valid IT Account)

  1. Go to https://yuja.ucalgary.ca/
  2. Click Login by the University of Calgary Single-Sign-On option.
  3. When prompted, enter your IT username and password, then click Sign In. (Your YuJa account will be provisioned upon your first login.)

Option 2: Log in through D2L (Access is restricted to course instructors)

  1. Log in through D2L via one of the methods outlined on this page.
  2. Enter the course you are teaching.
  3. On the navbar, select My Tools, then Yuja.  If you do not see the Yuja option as the Course Instructor, follow these steps.

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