Hosting webinars and large meetings

There are several ways to host webinars and large meetings using platforms provided by the University of Calgary.


Our Zoom campus license allows an unlimited number of meetings with up to 300 participants, including guests from outside the university.

The license also includes limited access to “webinar” and “large meeting” features. Those features are enabled for a single UCalgary Zoom user at a time, so provisioning that access needs to be facilitated by an administrator.

Meetings: Anyone with a UCalgary IT account can create and host a meeting with up to 300 participants through their Zoom account.

Large Meetings: One account can be enabled to host a meeting with up to 1,000 participants, with the normal meeting functionality.

Webinar: One account can host a webinar, with features designed for public-facing presentations with limited interaction from participants.

We are currently developing a process to track requests for these limited features and to manage provision of access within our UCalgary Zoom campus license.

To learn more about Zoom, go to the Zoom page.


Anyone with a UCalgary IT login can create a livestream event on our YuJa platform.

To learn more about Yuja, go to the Yuja page.

Com/Media Conference and Event Support

For large public-facing webinars, Com/Media can provide access to, which is the service that broadcasts UCalgary town halls and other public events. To request this service, please visit the Information Technologies Service Catalog page.