Getting Started with D2L (Students)

Logging into D2L:

A full guide to logging in to D2L is available here.

Introduction to D2L for Students (Videos):

Watch Part I

Watch Part II

Missing courses in D2L?

  1. Confirm that you are enrolled in the course by checking in your Student Center in the My UCalgary portal. Note: There is a one day/ overnight delay from when you register for the course and when you will see it in D2L, assuming the instructor has made it available for student use.
  2. Confirm with your course instructor that the course will be delivered in D2L. Usually, this is announced during the first class.
  3. Confirm with your course instructor that they have made the course available for student use.
  4. In the D2L Daylight “new look” interface, use the “select a course” icon  in the mini-bar at the top of the page to search for your class.
  5. If you have confirmed that you are enrolled, that the course is using D2L, and that the instructor has made the course available, but you cannot see it listed in D2L, please contact the UService (IT).

Continuing Education Students: Continuing Education D2L courses have different start dates during the semester. Consult for more information.

Emailing from D2L:

View this guide to find out how to send emails to your instructors, TA’s and classmates from D2L.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Other D2L resources for Students:

These tutorials provide an overview of different tools in the learning environment