Getting started with Top Hat (students)

Top Hat enables you to participate in real time during classroom activities. Top Hat is now free of charge and you can use your own smartphone, tablet, laptop or even SMS-based cell phones. Plus, you can submit answers via text message or over WiFi. Since it is a web-based platform, activities can be completed during and outside of class.

How to get started with Top Hat: 

Student Quick Start Guide 

NOTE: UCalgary currently does not have the Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication process in place, so instructors and students will be required to create their Top Hat accounts manually, using their @ucalgary email addresses rather than personal email accounts. Failure to do so could lead to access or grade syncing issues.

Where to get Help

Support for all users is provided by Top Hat and is available via these options:

  1. Clicking the Help button within the application
  2. Visiting the Top Hat support site (Call, Email, Live Chat, Create Support Ticket)

Student Refund Policy

Some students may have purchased a five year contract with Top Hat.  The following is the policy from Top Hat on refunds:

As Top Hat has become the standard classroom response system at the University of Calgary, students are no longer required to pay. If you are a student who previously purchased an online subscription from Top Hat and would like to receive some of your money back, please read on to see if you are eligible. You are eligible to receive a refund from Top Hat if:

  • You purchased your subscription online (not from the bookstore)
  • You purchased a five year subscription (valued at $38)
  • You only used Top Hat for the duration of one semester (4 months)

If you meet these conditions, you can receive a refund of $18 (difference between our five year and one semester subscriptions). Please contact with your information and we will handle refunds on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will be mailed to you and will take 3-6 weeks to process.