Resources for Students

Technology Requirements for Students Taking Online, Remote and Blended Courses

In order to successfully engage in their learning experiences at the University of Calgary, students taking online, remote and blended courses are required to have reliable access to the following technology.

Adobe Connect Meeting

Adobe connect is a web based conferencing software for online classes.

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter software is a plug-in for PowerPoint (on Windows machines).  The content authoring software allows you to transform a slide show into a narrated, interactive, engaging presentation with embedded content and quizzes, and which can be published across multiple platforms.


D2L is the online learning management system used by the University of Calgary. 

Top Hat

Top Hat is a software-based student response system that lets instructors ask questions during class, and can track the responses of students who participate. Top Hat allows students to connect using their own laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


Zoom is the campus online platform that enables you to have online real-time sessions with your students or colleagues. You can share your presentations or desktop, collaborate with others, conduct small group activities, poll your students and more, all from virtually any device.


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