Sharing Awards with Other Courses

When creating an Award, you can choose to make the award available to all the courses you teach which is a default setting, but you can also choose to restrict the award to the current course you are creating the award for. You can also share awards with other award creators in your home organization unit, or all organization units. 

1. On the course navbar, click on Awards. 

2. Click on Course Awards. If you are creating a new award, click on Add Award to Course and fill up the other fields. If you want to edit an existing award, click on Edit Award

3. In the availability section, do one of the following: 

  • Select Make this award available to all of my courses if you only want to share the award within your courses 
  • Select Make this award available to other award creators and their courses if you want to allow others use this award in their own courses. You can then restrict the award to the course which it is being created for and its child org units. 

  1. Save the award. 

Note: Awards can also be copied between courses by using the Import/Export/Copy Components in the course admin page. This also copies all associated release conditions in the award.