Modifying groups

After groups have been created, it is possible to modify the group composition. 

This document outlines how to perform these tasks:

  • Enroll students in groups
  • Modify group composition
  • Add a group to the group category
  • View individual group composition

Step 1: In the Navigation Bar, click on Communication, and select Groups.

Step 2: In the View Categories dropdown menu, select the name of the group.

Step 3: In the Groups Setup dropdown menu, select Enroll Users.

Step 4: Click in Group Columns to assign users to groups.

Step 5: Optional – additional groups can be created in the Group Category by clicking Add Group.  Individual group enrolment can be viewed by clicking on Display and selecting a specific group.  An individual student can be searched by entering the student name in the search box.

Step 6: Click Save 

These same steps can be used to modify group composition, and to review group member lists.

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