Modifying groups

After groups have been created, it is possible to modify the group composition, but it is recommended that you make changes before students make any submissions such as Dropbox assignments or Discussion postings to avoid complications.

This document outlines how to perform these tasks:

  • Enroll students in groups
  • Modify group composition
  • Add a group to the group category
  • View individual group composition

Step 1: From the Navigation Bar, click on Communication and select Groups.

Step 2: On the Manage Groups page, from the View Categories dropdown menu, select the appropriate group category if multiple items exist. Click on the drop-down menu by the name of the Group Category you wish to adjust, then select Enrol Users.

Step 3: Use checkmarks to assign/ move students to their respective Groups. Click Save. Students who have been assigned to a Group will have a profile card icon displayed by their names.

Step 3: Optional – additional groups can be created in the Group Category by clicking on Add Group.  Each Group’s Enrolments can be viewed by clicking on Display and selecting a specific group.  An individual student can be looked up by entering their name in the search box.

Step 4: Click Save 

When you visit the main Manage Groups page, you will be able to access a summary of how many groups you have, each group’s membership list as well as any learning activity associations (i.e. if you have created Dropbox Folders and/ or Discussion Topics that are specifically linked to Groups in this Category.)