D2L Course Creation and Mapping Requests

D2L sites are created automatically for Lecture and Seminar sections listed in PeopleSoft (Schedule of Classes).  The creation process usually begins about two months before the start of semester to allow instructors sufficient time to prepare for their courses.

Lab and Tutorial sections are not auto-created.  If instructors/ course coordinators would like to use D2L for their Lab/ Tutorial sections, a request needs to be submitted to UService (IT):


Generally, there are two options:

1. Separate D2L site for each Lab/ Tutorial Section

If the instructor/ coordinator requires a D2L site for each Lab or Tutorial section, they may choose the “Add credit course” option.  Specify the section that needs to be created.  For example:

2. Create Lab/ Tutorial Sections within an Existing D2L shell

If a course shell already exists for the main section (e.g. Lecture or Seminar), but the instructor/ coordinator would also like to be able to tell which Labs or Tutorials students are enrolled in, then they may ask for those sections to be mapped to the main course site.  In that case, choose the “Add course mapping/ combine” option when submitting the form.  Here is an example of how the request may look like:

Once the mapping process has completed (which usually takes overnight), instructors/ coordinators/ TAs in the course will be able to use the View By Sections filter on pages like the Classlist/ Email, Grades and Dropbox to find out who is registered in which Lab or Tutorial, e.g.

Alternatively, click on the drop-down menu by the student’s name on the Classlist/ Email page and select View groups and sections.

For an overview of how many Sections you have in the course, you may also navigate to Edit Course, then click Sections

NOTE: Course Mapping = Combining enrolments of multiple class sections into a single D2L shell. Watch video for more details

There could be different combinations depending on the coordinator/ instructor’s preference and/ or how the sections are actually set up in PeopleSoft (Schedule of Classes.)
For example, an instructor may choose to use one single D2L site for all lectures of a course they are teaching (eg L01, L02 & L03)
In a different course, the coordinator may want to have a D2L site created with all the Lab sections combined.

* If your course arrangement is more complicated, then please fill out the “Additional Information” field on the request form. Alternatively, you may send all the details to it@ucalgary.ca and a D2L administrator will contact you back if further clarification is needed before processing the request.

IMPORTANT: Please note that course mapping only brings over enrollments. Course content and student data such as submissions and grades will not be carried over in the process, thus we recommend the following:

  1. Submit the mapping request as early as possible, preferably before the first day of class.
  2. If you have already started building content and learning activities in one D2L course, then please specify that as the Destination/ Primary section when making the request so as not to lose access to that work.