Copying/Importing a previous D2L course into a new course

If you would like to re-use materials from a course that you have taught previously, please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: You can only copy materials from courses in which you are enrolled in as ‘Instructor’, ‘Instructor Read Only’, or ‘TA full access’. Also, some faculties may have content/placeholders/settings/grade schemes built-in by default.  It is recommended that you review the new site before copying any materials over.

1. From the course selection menu, select the new course that you want to copy materials into.

2. Click Edit Course.

3. Under the Site Resources section, click Import/Export/Copy Components.

4. Choose Copy Components from Another Course. Ensure that Include Protected Resources is checked.  Click Search for Offerings.

5. In the Search For box, enter the course code, title, or some keywords.  Alternatively, to view all courses, leave the Search For box empty and click on the search icon. From the list of courses, select the course you wish to copy materials from, and click Add Selected.

6. Once you have selected the course to copy materials from, you have two options.

Copy All Components:  Select this option to copy all course materials to the new course site.  After the copy process has completed, please review imported files and items for duplication.  Due dates and release dates will also need to be updated. NOTE: Student data such as enrollments, grades, Discussion postings and Dropbox submissions will not be copied over.

Select Components:  To ensure selected pieces are copied over properly, please pay attention to the associations you had in the old course.  For example, ensure that you select: “include associated files” for Content, and if you have Dropbox Folders or Quizzes tied to the Gradebook, select the ‘Grades’ and ‘Grade Settings’ options as well.  Extra materials can be removed, if necessary, after the course copy process has completed.

7. Click Continue. If you have selected “Select individual items to copy”, you will be asked to choose which specific components you wish to copy.

8. Under Confirm Components to Copy, click Finish. You have the option to Offset Dates for copied components, but we recommend that you review the academic calendar and manually modify the dates later.

9. Under Copy Course Components History, you will see a record of when the course copy action has been performed, and by whom. Click Copy Another Package to continue copying other course materials, or click View Content to check the course components.