Commitment to the responsible use of D2L

Maintaining a positive learning and work environment depends on the commitment of each user to engage in activities that are in accordance with relevant laws and University of Calgary policies and regulations. The statements below describe responsible use of information posted or accessed from D2L and responsible use of the D2L communication tools.

  1. The privacy of all users is paramount. Users are not permitted to share or misuse email addresses or other personal information obtained from a D2L site.
  2. Communication through D2L must be related to the purpose of the site. Sending messages through D2L on issues or events that are not related to the purpose of the site or on behalf of an external business interest, organization, or individual is not permitted.
  3. Anything posted to D2L must be compliant with Canadian Copyright Law and university policies and agreements. Please consult the copyright web pages or the Copyright Office prior to making materials available.
  4. Single copies of materials posted to D2L may be downloaded for personal use. Copyright-protected materials (including course notes, assignments, quizzes and presentations) available on D2L may only be shared provided it is permissible to do so under Canadian Copyright Law, university agreements and permission from the copyright holder.

Breaches in responsible use of D2L may result in disciplinary action under the University’s policies and/or applicable legislation*.

* For undergraduate students: Disciplinary action will be in accordance with the policies and regulations on student non-academic and academic misconduct (Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy) and Regulations on Principles of Conduct.

* For graduate students: Disciplinary action will be in accordance with the GSA Collective Agreement.

* For staff: Disciplinary action as a result of breaches of responsible use will be in accordance with the University Code of Conduct and relevant Collective Agreements of TUCFA and AUPE.