May 2021 Updates for UCalgary Learning Technologies

This is a summary of changes to University of Calgary learning technologies and tools that happened during May 2021.


If you’ve seen an icon in D2L and wondered what it meant, we have added a link to D2L’s icon glossary.

Brightspace / D2L

The New Assignment Evaluation Experience is now live. This should help streamline the process for grading assignments within D2L. The New Assignment Creation/Editing Experience is also live. You can opt-out of these tools for now but they will become the default in August 2021.

It is now possible to download an assignment from D2L including annotations you added while grading, another change in assignments is that you can now print D2L rubrics or export them to .pdf files. The maximum size of files you upload to D2L has been increased from 1GB to 2GB, although we continue to recommend that you upload the majority of videos to Yuja and embed them in your course shell.

D2L is also introducing a new text editor. This will be appearing in different areas of D2L as you add new material to your course shell. Generally this is a redesign of the existing editor, but it’s worth nothing that the add stuff button has moved to the middle of the tool bar. Additionally, you can now use the default D2L default font in items you edit with the editor.


You can now review and cancel, if necessary, reports made to zoom through the security shield or the suspend participant activities button. Zoom may also ask you to confirm reports. The interface for handling Zoom reports can be found as part of the Zoom User Settings (you will have to log in via SSO first).

University of Calgary Zoom backdrops are now available through the Zoom client. From the context menu next to the video button, you can choose a virtual background. You have the options of the Zoom defaults as well as several University of Calgary themed backdrops. You should also remember to keep your version of Zoom updated for security and privacy purposes and also to access new features.