Updates to Quizzing in D2L/Brightspace

On July 28, 2023, the New Quiz Creation Experience will become permanent in D2L Brightspace. We have updated our documentation to reflect the new Experience. You can review our summary of the changes and the updated process for setting up a quiz.

Quiz Timing Changes

The update on July 28 will also change some of the behaviours around quiz timing (Phase 1 and Phase 2 of 3). Now when time expires on a quiz – if a time limit is set – there are three behaviors which can happen:

  1. The quiz can be submitted automatically.
  2. The quiz can be flagged as over time and the student can continue writing.
  3. The student can continue writing (the time limit being recommended, not required).

This removes the Grace Period from the options for handling quizzes and the option of setting a quiz to be scored 0 when time is exceeded. When creating quizzes, you will now only be able to set a time limit and choose one of the three behaviors above. Existing quizzes with a Grace Period will end at the end of their current time limit, if one is set, and quizzes which were set to be scored 0 will be submitted automatically.

Additionally, students will now have more information about the time available in their quiz. Students will now be able to show or hide the timer while writing their quiz and they will be given a warning about the quiz behavior if they navigate away from the quiz web page. They will also receive a confirmation that their quiz has been saved and submitted when finished (either they submit, or the quiz is automatically submitted.)

A new quiz information panel has been added which will allow students to see the quiz information during the quiz. This information was previously only shown before starting the quiz and includes information such as instructions, time limits and what will happen at the end of the time limit.

Further updates to quiz timing will happen in September (Phase 3 of 3), in particular the addition of a Synchronous Quiz mode which is intended for a Brightspace quiz given during class time.

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