September 2021 Updates for UCalgary Learning Technologies

Here are some of the updates to our Learning Technologies that happened during September.


D2L has made a few updates to the new assignment experience. In particular they have reworked the wording around how assignments connect to items in the gradebook. The new wording is:

  • Score out of is now Grade out of
  • In Grades is now In Gradebook
  • Choose in Grades is now Edit or Link to Existing
  • Remove from Grades is now Not in Gradebook

Additionally you can now grade with grade scheme / select box, rather than simply assigning grades with points. Options to change grade type are available in the Score Out of Dialog.

Instructors can now restrict the types of files students can submit on assignments. There are a number of types available to choose from and you can specify a written list of file types if you prefer. If no preference is set the assignment dropbox behaves as it has in the past.

There is an update to discussion evaluation which is available to opt-in to until December (when it will become permanent). This will streamline the process of evaluating discussions similar to how the new assignment evaluation experience has streamlined that experience.

When creating or editing rubrics you can now copy or delete Criteria Groups. When evaluating, details about evaluated criteria and a summary of assessment is shown on collapsed rubrics.


Alternatives hosts may now add and edit polls for meetings. In order to do this you must first turn on the Meeting Polls/Quizzes setting in Zoom settings.

When recording separate audio tracks, the tracks are now aligned to start at the same time.