February Updates for UCalgary Learning Technologies

February had a small number of updates to our learning technologies, notably the new accommodation tool in D2L Brightspace and Live Auto-Transcriptions in Zoom.


D2L now has an accommodation tool which will allow you to set extra time in all quizzes for any student which needs extra time accommodation. You can set either a multiplier for time or add a set number of extra minutes. You can see how long a student will have to write a particular quiz or override that time in Special Access.

Course Shells have now been created for all Spring / Summer courses.

There were a few other minor updates, but accommodation is the most notable change this month.


Zoom now has Live Auto-Transcription. When turned on, Zoom will provide an AI generated transcript of the speech in your Zoom session. It struggles a bit with names and technical terms, but there are some things you can do to help it give you a good transcript. Participants can choose to view the transcript as subtitles or on the side of their Zoom window.