Synchronous Quizzes in Brightspace

Synchronous quizzes will be introduced in the next regular update to D2L / Brightspace update on September 29. Synchronous quizzes are an optional type of quiz where students take their attempts simultaneously. They may be convenient for in-class sessions and can provide an online quiz-taking experience that is similar to the traditional on paper test setup.

With a synchronous quiz, the quiz timer starts at the start time, rather then when the student opens the quiz. If an hour long quiz starts at 10:00am and a student opens the quiz at 10:15am, they will see that they only have 45 minutes left to submit.

We have updated our guides on eLearn for both Quiz Settings and Special Access for Students and prepared a new video on using synchronous quizzes:

Synchronous Quizzes are the final phase of the update of quiz time management that began with phases 1 and 2 in July. More information can be found on D2L’s Community Page about the timing changes.

This change to quizzing should not impact any existing quizzes. If you have questions about the new Synchronous Quizzes, please consult with our Learning Technology Coaches.