June 2021 Updates for UCalgary Learning Technologies

The registrar has posted a collection of registration definitions which may help you navigate the return to campus. It’s worth noting that these definitions are focused on identifying how specific courses will be offered at The University Calgary in the fall semester, but they differ a from how these terms can be used when discussing teaching.


People using Safari have had trouble opening Zoom sessions from inside D2L/Brightspace. We’ve worked with both D2L and Zoom to find a workaround for the two technologies to work together.

We have updated a few Tips and Tricks for common problems with our learning technologies.

Instructors can use the D2L News Tools (also called Announcements) to share important updates with students


As part of the Zoom Host’s security options, you now have the option to allow participants to rename themselves. This can help make students more comfortable, but this feature was originally disabled to prevent participants renaming themselves inappropriately (for example renaming themselves the same name as the instructor and impersonating the instructor in chat). If you find that you regularly choose to let participants rename themselves, there is an option in your Zoom settings under Meeting (Basics) to turn the rename setting in the security menu on by default.

In the next meeting, anyone who renamed themselves will return to the name on record with the University of Calgary. If students wish to, they can update their preferred name which will appear in Zoom.

Additionally, everyone may now add a gender to their Zoom profile. You may also choose to show that gender in every meeting automatically or if you would prefer Zoom ask you at the beginning of a meeting. The gender field is open, but everyone should keep the Code of Conduct, Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Guidelines for Using Zoom in mind when using it.